About Us

We are a legal networking company, promoting legal careers and supporting legal professionals in The Caribbean.

Caribbean Barrister’s (CB) portfolio of websites provides a platform for legal professionals to choose both traditional work and non-traditional work for the enjoyment of a healthy work/life balance.

Once registered on our platform we can help employers looking for legal hire to fill job vacancies or legal professionals to find new job opportunities and supplement their income by turning their legal libraries into cash.

Becoming a part of our network offers many unique opportunities and advantages. Whether it’s a writing opportunity or the need to collaborate with other law firms, lawyers or students in our global network, we can help point you in the right direction.

Explore our legal forum, “Obiter” to discuss cases and pertinent issues with other legal professionals. This is also a great opportunity to forge new relationships for mentorship.

We know that burnt out lawyers lack enthusiasm and are not as productive as they can be. That is why we have committed to helping legal professionals work smarter and created avenues for career advancement and easy collaboration on work projects. Helping legal professionals remain passionate and confident about what they do to succeed in their careers is what motivates us.

Caribbean Barrister – bridges the divides between legal minds in The Caribbean and the rest of the world through our portfolio of websites. We are an online outlet for career and legal support, incite, continued learning and so much more.